Why You Need to Repair Your Well Pump

home wellIf you own a well pump, you may have to repair it from time to time when it develops some problems. Whenever you need repairs done on the pump, you should always let only qualified and experienced experts do the repair work. Additionally, you should schedule regular maintenance, also done by a well pump repair service near me. Some of the top reasons why you may need to repair your well pump are highlighted below.

The Water Is Muddy or Cloudy

Whenever you notice that the water you get from the well is muddy or cloudy, you should start thinking about repairs. That is an easy-to-read sign that the failing pump is not able to properly filter out silt before channeling the water to the surface. Whenever this happens, you should stop using the pump and get the repairs done as soon as possible. That is because continued use might increase the cost of repairs, since the rate of repair increases due to friction of silt and sand.

Low Water Pressure

Another common reason why you should repair your well pump is to deal with low water pressure. Whenever you notice the water pressure in the showers and faucets slowing down, the problem might be a result of the clogging of the nipple pipe caused by iron bacteria. It happens most commonly for wells that have lots of iron deposits in the water. The well pump repair professionals will know how to solve the problem.

Increased Electric Bill

There are many home electrical appliances that can result in increased electric bills when they malfunction. If none of the appliances in your home seem to be having any problems, the issue might be with your well water pump. The electric bill will increase as the efficiency of the water pump decreases. The sooner you address the problem, the more money you will be able to save in the long run.

Noisy Spitting Faucets

Noisy spitting faucets are usually caused by air present in the plumbing systems. The first thing to check should be if there is a leaking pressure tank bladder, which usually causes sporadic air spurts in water systems. If that is not the problem, the issue is more than likely being caused by a faulty well water pump.water from a faucet

Pump Is Running Constantly

If your well water pump continues to run non-stop, it might be an indication that the pump is struggling to draw enough water from the well to the pressure tank. Repairs will solve the problem.