Organize Your Gardening Tools with These Simple Steps

Keeping your garden healthy and maintained require a lot of gardening tools, which can be quite messy if you do not know how to organize them. At least there are sixteen gardening tools that gardener usually has: gardening gloves, rakes, hand trowels, pruners, dutch-hoes, pruning saws, shears, a lawn mower, garden hoses, a shovel, a spade, a wheelbarrow, knives, loppers, and edgers. Storing them all can be quite tricky.

Here are the steps for you to neatly store your tools.

Deciding the space for your gardening tools

Before thinking of buying which garden container, rack, or hangers to put on your tools, you need to think about which room is available. Storing your gardening tools outdoor is a bad idea because some of them have wood handles. Rake and shovel are the examples. If they are stored outside, their handles are susceptible to get weathered. Moisture can also dull and rust their edges and metal parts.

If there is space in the garage, then you have found your gardening tool storage room. But if the garage is not available, you have to be creative. The space beneath the stairs can be an option. Creating a tool corner in the basement can also be a solution. Or if both alternatives are not possible, consider buying a shed to place it somewhere outside in the garden. But normally, a shed does not have enough space to store your fertilizer and seed supplies. You have to put them elsewhere.

Long-handle tool hanger

rake and spade

Long tool hanger can help you to be better organized by separating the long tools from hand tools. Rake, shovels, long handle shears and spade can all be put in one place.

Small tool containers

Hand tools are better stored in a container. You can buy the container that was made specifically for gardening-tool storing purpose or purchasing regular bins and re-purpose their use.

Hand toolFlat lid containers enable you to stack them up to save more space. But perhaps you will have to put anti mold and termite batches.

Another way to store hand tools is in a bucket filled with a mixture of sand and oil. This storing method saves you the time for cleaning the dirt and the soil of the hand tools every time you finish using them.

Wall rack

Wall-rackYour wall can be an excellent storing space for your gardening tools. You can buy the neatly designed wall-rack, or you can simply put nails and wood planks on the wall. There are plenty of Do-It-Yourself ideas for constructing a wall-rack using waste materials that you can use as an inspiration.

Additional tips

  • Do not forget to clean your gardening tools before storing them.
  • Shovels and spades can get rusty, and it would be better if you invest in high-quality shovels and spades that are weathered-proof.
  • Replacing the necessary parts of your tools when necessary because dull blades and rickety handles can injure you.