Buyers Guide to The Best Paint Sprayer

Home painting is one of the most common DIY projects for homeowners. If you are planning to paint your home any time soon, you should start by investing in some painting essentials. One of the most important painting is a quality sprayer. Ideally, the sprayer you choose should have some essential features that will ensure it meets your painting needs. There are generally a few parameters you should consider when buying a paint sprayer, and this article shares some of this features.


spray painting compressor

The horsepower ratings often define the pressure of a sprayer. The higher the pressure rating, the greater the strength of the sprayer, which makes it easy for the machine to deliver thick paint. High-pressure ratings also mean being able to complete fast. High pressures are not always a priority especially when you have to work on a small job or when your job requires a steady release of paint.

Compressor & Turbine

Availability of a compressor and turbine matters a lot. Having a turbine has the effect of making the paint sprayer more efficient. The high pressure and temperature levels offered both the compressor and the turbine are responsible for making the paint moist. In a painting setup, a fully functional turbine also plays a crucial role in avoiding incidences of chocking in the sprayer.


The filters come in handy for jobs that require a smooth finish. Just as their name suggests, filters are used to remove paint debris that might interfere with the recommended grain size. Also, a filter also ensures that the tips do not clog, which causes splattering. The splattering of the paint poses the risk of running a neat finish.

painted wall Brand

Besides just looking at some technical features, which matter anyway, it is worth looking at the brand name. Getting a brand that has a reputation of performing well is a form of assurance that the paint sprayer will serve you well. If a particular brand has been in the market for a long time and is backed by positive reviews, this means that the product will serve you right.

With technological advances, you not only need a machine that is durable but also one that will serve you right. Since you now know some factors worth looking at when shopping for a sprayer, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a reputable dealer.